The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #9

Good morning from lovely, sunny Verona. We are having a family break and so in the interests of wellbeing, I am taking a (sort of) break from weekly Wellbeing Round Up. So instead of spending hours reading through and summarising the wellbeing news of the last seven days, I am posting holiday photos! Well, it always used to work for one of our anatomy lecturers at medical school.

Snacks and reading material for the flight to Verona

Getting 10,000 steps ….in 35 degree heat!

Shade and rehydration (I’ve checked and apparently beer does hydrate you…not as much as water, but more than wine!)

The Teatro Romano. We have booked to see the MOMIX dance show tomorrow evening. If I’m not being physically active myself then clearly the next best option is to watch someone else who is

Panorama of Verona

Lovely meal in a stunning setting at Re Teodorico. The good folk of Verona are very keen on their meat. Vegetables…not so much ! Have decided carbs on holiday don’t count

Verona sunset

That’s all from the weekly round up this week, folks. Hope you have a good week. Normal service resumed next week. Until then…take care of yourselves!

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