Dr Richard Pile

As a doctor I am fascinated by what determines how well we are and feel.  I believe that practising prevention is much better than having to manage or live with avoidable chronic disease.  The purpose of this blog is to take the latest evidence, news and opinions and to summarise them in a simple and useful way.  I hope that you find this blog helpful and would love to hear from you as it continues to grow and evolve.

About me

I have been a GP for eighteen years and a doctor for over twenty.  The more time I have spent with people affected by preventable chronic disease, the more passionate I have become about helping people to look after their own health, stay well and enjoy a good quality of life as a result.   I have a diploma in cardiology and have worked with hospital specialists, heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation teams.  As a board member of our clinical commissioning group I lead on wellbeing and prevention, working closely with colleagues in public health, mental health, social prescribing and other areas.  I am also the clinical lead GP for an award winning provider of healthy lifestyle services which supports people across the country to lead healthier, happier lives.

I am also aware of just how many things other than our physical health determine our sense of wellbeing.  The traditional medical model is not equipped to help people in this respect.   We need to have a better understanding  so that as individuals and health professionals we can find better ways to wellbeing for real life.

Dr Richard Pile

BM, BS, BMedSci, DCH, MRCGP, PGDipCard.