Introducing the Wellbeing For Real Life blog, by Dr Richard Pile


As of now my blog is live! I will use it to take the latest evidence, news and opinions around wellbeing and prevention and to summarise them simply and practically for patients and doctors alike, from my perspective as a GP with a special interest in this area.   My first Weekly Wellbeing Round Up will be posted tomorrow morning.    You can sign up to receive this regular dose of wellbeing related goodness as well as other posts that focus on specific areas (such as food, sleep, physical activity,  stress and relaxation, the determinants and measuring of wellbeing) and the evidence and debate around them…all in a handy bite sized package that is easy to digest and designed to be useful.  I will be taking questions and requests for future topics, so your feedback is vital to help me develop the blog into something great.  If you like it, please share with your friends and patients!



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