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Welcome to the Wellbeing For Real Life podcast!

Have you ever wanted to live life better but found yourself baffled, bewildered and bored by complicated, confusing, condescending advice?
This podcast is the antidote. Each episode is really good conversation between me and an expert guest. We keep it short and practical (usually 20-30 minutes), so that our listeners can get the most out of it. If you enjoy it and find it helpful, please give us a review wherever you get your podcasts from and share it with others.

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In this episode I talk with Dr Wendy Molefi about stress and what we can do to enjoy better mental health. Topics discussed include what stress is , how some is good for us but too much is not, why it seems to be such an issue today, what happens to our bodies and minds when we are stressed and how we can manage it better to improve our wellbeing.

In this episode of the Wellbeing for Real Life podcast I talk to Dr Aseem Malhotra about  sleep.  The conversation includes our own personal experiences of being well slept and sleep deprived, how sleep affects performance, what happens during sleep, the harms of sleep deprivation (including chronic disease) and the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  We give their our tips for better sleep including routine,  physical activity, exposure to natural light, limiting screen time,  managing caffeine and alcohol intake, acknowledging how our bodies and circumstances change over time and the importance of addressing mental health concerns.

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