The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #13: digital wellbeing.

Any doctor reading this who had a pound for every patient who has uttered the words “I think I need an MOT, doc” would probably be reading this from the deck of their yacht, floating on the Mediterranean.  Usually when this is said, it’s in the context of a physical and sometimes interrelated mental healthContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #13: digital wellbeing.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #12: my week of learning more about low carb diets.

As those of you that read the Weekly Wellbeing Round Up will be aware, there was a bit of a scuffle last week in  the media about the low carbohydrate diet.  This all kicked off due to the  publication in the Lancet Public Health of a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis which suggested there might beContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #12: my week of learning more about low carb diets.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #11

Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of my weekly wellbeing round up.  Plenty to cover today, so let’s get started… Smoking This BBC news article reminds us that passive smoking has effects way beyond childhood, including a significantly increased risk ischaemic heart disease and chronic lung disease in adulthood.  Participants were questioned about theirContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #11”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #9

Good morning from lovely, sunny Verona. We are having a family break and so in the interests of wellbeing, I am taking a (sort of) break from weekly Wellbeing Round Up. So instead of spending hours reading through and summarising the wellbeing news of the last seven days, I am posting holiday photos! Well, itContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #9”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #8: my week of sleep for wellbeing

I have previously confessed on the pages of this blog that of the four pillars of health and wellbeing, sleep is the one that I need to work on the most.   I have suffered from Sleep-Is-For-Wimps machismo and been convinced that I could get much more done in life and generally enjoy myself moreContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #8: my week of sleep for wellbeing”