The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #8: my week of sleep for wellbeing

I have previously confessed on the pages of this blog that of the four pillars of health and wellbeing, sleep is the one that I need to work on the most.   I have suffered from Sleep-Is-For-Wimps machismo and been convinced that I could get much more done in life and generally enjoy myself moreContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #8: my week of sleep for wellbeing”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up # 7

Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Wellbeing Round Up! Today I thought I would kick things off  with news about things that don’t work. The Health Supplements Don’t Work As you may be aware, it is recommended in the UK that we take a daily over the counter dose ofContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up # 7”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #6

Welcome back to the Weekly Wellbeing Round Up!   I hope you have had a good weekend, enjoying the weather and the world cup final.  Having overcome the disappointment of England not getting to the final,  I made the decision not to watch the entirely meaningless 3rd/4th place playoff , and so missed watching England lose toContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #6”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #5: My real life wellbeing week

As someone who spends a lot of time talking to people about their own wellbeing, and summarising wellbeing related news for this blog, I thought that this week I would share with you what my week has been like, and how well I’ve been doing when it comes to my own wellbeing.  After all, ifContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #5: My real life wellbeing week”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #4

Hello and welcome back to the weekly wellbeing round up.  After my report from my “wellbeing clinic” last week, normal service is resumed.  The main focus of the round up this week will be on obesity, as the government published Chapter Two of “Childhood Obesity – a plan for action”. The challenge Nearly a quarterContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #4”