The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #18: a weekend of wellbeing in Valencia.

When I was a medical student our favourite lecturer was Dr Andy Sparrow. Not because of his subject (which was anatomy) but because at random points throughout his slides he would show us pictures of his holidays – a bit of light relief in the midst of gruesome detail. I am currently at around 30,000Continue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #18: a weekend of wellbeing in Valencia.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #17

Welcome to the latest edition of my weekly wellbeing round-up.  The last couple of posts have been on the topics of making a wellbeing plan and the importance of connecting for wellbeing, so I thought that this week we would get back to what’s been going on in the world of wellbeing over the lastContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #17”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #16: connecting for wellbeing.

Over the last few months on this blog I have talked a lot about eating, moving, sleeping and relaxing.   As I have learnt from others and developed my own model of looking at and improving wellbeing, I have realised that for me one of the most important areas that determines our wellbeing is thatContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #16: connecting for wellbeing.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #15: making a plan to improve your wellbeing.

When I first became a GP, I decided that many of my patients who needed to make lifestyle changes also had undiagnosed conditions that resulted in problems with their understanding,  memory and planning processes.  There must be something wrong with them, so my reasoning went, because they left my consulting room chastened by me aboutContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #15: making a plan to improve your wellbeing.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #14

Welcome back to the Weekly Wellbeing Round Up.  We’ve taken a couple of weeks off to focus on the low down on low carb diets, and digital wellbeing.  I’m pleased to say that this week normal service is resumed.   Topics for today include calorie counts in menus,veganism, probiotics, the cost of eating health food,Continue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #14”