The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #22: What do we mean by Lifestyle Medicine?

At the end of last week’s wellbeing round-up I touched upon the growing interest in lifestyle medicine within my profession and the opportunities that exist to develop knowledge, experience and qualifications in this area.  I described the impact it had upon my professional and personal life and promised to return to this topic in moreContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #22: What do we mean by Lifestyle Medicine?”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #21

Welcome back to the weekly wellbeing round-up!  After a few weeks of posts focusing on more specific topics like the miracle cure of physical activity and mental wellbeing, we are back to a good old-fashioned trawl through the week’s wellbeing news, digging out the most interesting, relevant and useful bits.   Let’s get stuck in… FoodContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #21”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #20: a miracle cure!

Good morning and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up.  This week I thought I would get your monday morning off to a great start by offering you…a miracle cure.  The ultimate tonic with guaranteed improvement to your health and wellbeing.  It has  been shown to improve physical and mental health and cognitionContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #20: a miracle cure!”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #19: mental wellbeing.

The more observant of you may have noticed that this week (October 10th) it was World Mental Health day.  In recognition of this, the round-up this week has a mental health focus.  I will be highlighting how this affects people of all ages, the issues raised for the NHS including the mental health of thoseContinue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #19: mental wellbeing.”

The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #18: a weekend of wellbeing in Valencia.

When I was a medical student our favourite lecturer was Dr Andy Sparrow. Not because of his subject (which was anatomy) but because at random points throughout his slides he would show us pictures of his holidays – a bit of light relief in the midst of gruesome detail. I am currently at around 30,000Continue reading “The Weekly Wellbeing Round-Up #18: a weekend of wellbeing in Valencia.”